How to prove relationship for visa uk

Spouse Visa Proof of Relationship

how to prove relationship for visa uk

The UK has adopted a definition of spouse in the that excludes parties to a marriage of convenience, in section 2(1) of the Immigration. Citizenship/Passports and Spouse/Family Visas (UK) - Proof of trying to accumulate the evidence I have of my relationship with my husband. proof of relationship uk spouse settlement visa you do not actually need to be married to apply for the UK spouse visa; you just have to prove.

Proof of relationship?

As I have alluded to in a commentthere are many stories floating around the web of people whose applications were refused improperly on the grounds of marriage of convenience.

If the entry clearance officer ECO suspects a marriage of convenience, he or she is supposed to develop actual evidence to support that suspicion, and it sounds like that may not have been done here. The refusal formula suggested in the guidance says "I am satisfied that you are party to a marriage of convenience," which reflects the ECO's burden of proof to establish that a marriage of convenience exists.

how to prove relationship for visa uk

If the ECO did not use this formula, instead saying "I am not satisfied that your marriage is genuine" or the like, you may have grounds for appeal. Also, if the ECO used that formula but did not actually develop any evidence aside from the timing of your marriage, you may have grounds for appeal.

UK Spouse Visa-Apply For Family Settlement Visa 2018-Step By Step Complete Guide In Very Easy Way

However, appeal requires payment of a fee, and may be time consuming. It might be faster just to resubmit a new application, as advised in Crazydre's answerwhich is free of charge, including the evidence of your relationship. There is a third possibility: This has apparently been successful in some cases. You might therefore try a two-pronged approach: So there is basically no evidence that we talked prior to this.

Will that be a problem?

Would I have to get a mutual friend to testify in a letter that they can confirm we were in a long distance relationship during this time? How would we send in the Skype history? Should we put it in a Notepad and print? Should we screenshot the whole thing and print? Or do we film a video of us scrolling through the history and send it to them?

Proof of relationship? - British Expats

I'm guessing you have to send it in such a way that it could not have been tampered with - but text files and screenshots would be relatively easy to edit, so I'm not sure about this.

I have taken 4 trips to the US to see my husband.

how to prove relationship for visa uk

But I only have boarding passes from 2 of those trips. Will this be a problem? I understand I have to supply my "previous passports" with the application.

how to prove relationship for visa uk

I had a passport as a child, but it is long gone by now.