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india myanmar strategic relationship

India and Myanmar's relationship officially got underway after the Treaty of Friendship was signed in , after which the foundation for a more. PDF | India and Myanmar were historically part of the extended British Empire in Asia. Since the two countries became independent at the end of World War II. India - Myanmar Relations. India shares a geo-strategic realities encompass our broader interests in the Indian Ocean region. Both countries.

Since India was on her "democratic auto-pilot", China appeared as the benefactor. But the moot question for determination is as to who embraced who?

Sustaining The Indo-U.S. Strategic Partnership

Beyond doubt, it was China which attempted strategically embracing Myanmar. Maung Aye, during his recent visit to India emphatically declared that Myanmar will not allow its territory to be used for any hostile activities directed against India.

In light of this re-assurance, India has many avenues to approach the desired goal of an enduring strategic partnership. Political Co-operation Major areas of political co-operation to further each others national interests which can be considered are: Myanmar is rich in natural resources but industrially still under-developed.

It needs intermediate levels of technologies to build up its industrial base. India is in a position to provide it in a big way. India should assist both by governmental aid and Indian private investment in the following fields: Even when civilian politicians are handed power by the Myanmar Army, they would still be a power behind the throne.

India can build defence co-operation with Myanmar by: Collective security groupings are not the order of day though the future does portend that the regional economic groupings would ultimately don security colours too, if nothing else in terms of conflict resolution or conflict management.

Strategic partnerships do provide intermediate solutions, especially when they are bi-lateral in nature and incorporate economic co-operation and assistance in a major way. Myanmar has not permitted China to turn it into a strategic de-stablising entity for India, like Pakistan. India should therefore make a determined effort to forge a strategic partnership with Myanmar.

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The cooperation would in particular, usher in growth and prosperity in our NE Region. Improvement of connectivity with Myanmar gives us direct access to the countries in the Malay Peninsula; Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. However, there is a growing anti-China sentiment in the country, which could be exploited by India to advantage.

india myanmar strategic relationship

A Land of Opportunities. Myanmar has recently witnessed transition from military rule to democracy, after almost five decades of struggle for democracy.

This has opened the country for building international relations with the world community and emerge from isolation due to the sanctions imposed on the country during its military rule. Therefore, there is an inevitable competition between various countries to be part of the growth story in Myanmar. India, being a neighboring country with historical socio-cultural linkages has an obvious advantage over others. But India needs adopt a proactive approach, get its act together to obtain its rightful share in the entire developmental process of Myanmar, lest it be left out of the competitive race as does normally happen.

india myanmar strategic relationship

Let us drive our interests rather than wait for the outcome as it may. It should be focused at social and cultural integration of the two countries, with peace and prosperity as the underlying principles and economic development as a key driver.

India – Myanmar Relationship: A geo-strategic ally and a tactical advantage

This could be achieved by exploiting the enormous soft power capability of the country towards building strong, long lasting and vibrant bilateral relations with Myanmar. Improve Connectivity Between the Two Countries.

Improvement of connectivity between the two countries is a pre-requisite to improve bilateral relations, therefore, it should be accorded the highest priority by the Govt. The improved connectivity with Myanmar would simultaneously connect the country to other ASEAN countries in Malay Peninsula, thus boosting our bilateral relations with them as well.

The two major infrastructure projects in particular; Kaladan Multi Modal Transport Transit Project and Trilateral highway connecting India, Myanmar and Thailand, need to be completed at the earliest to promote economic activity between the two countries and ASEAN countries.

India should also urgently consider commissioning direct air flights from India to Yangon along with other important cities of SE Asia where there is no connectivity at presentto boost economic activity in the region.

Today, our trade with Myanmar by land is restricted to two trading posts, one each in Manipur and Nagaland. These need to be upgraded to enhance volumes as well as develop more such trade points along the India - Myanmar border. Our trade through the sea route could be increased manifold. The early fruition of Kaladan Multi Modal Transport Transit Project would go a long way in strengthening trade between the two countries.

Investment by Indian Industry. Indian industry could be a game changer in accelerating and steering the economic growth in Myanmar. Indian private sector should be encouraged to establish industry in Myanmar, particularly the manpower intensive industry to generate employment as well. India could take up a case for establishment of SEZs by Indian industry in Myanmar, which would further add to the speedy economic development of the country.

It would be pragmatic to send a business delegation to Myanmar to identify areas for investment by Indian industry, without any further delay. Likewise, Indian industry could seek projects for investment in harnessing vast natural resources of Myanmar, benefiting both the countries. Indian Banks in Myanmar. It may be worthwhile considering establishment of select Indian public and private sector banks in Myanmar, which would further promote economic activity.

Indian industry could play a very important role in infrastructure development in Myanmar thus provide impetus to the economic development as a whole. India could play a significant role in improving education in Myanmar. Indian private institutions could be encouraged to open schools and colleges in Myanmar to improve quality of education.

India could help in improving and setting up new education institutions in Myanmar. In addition, students from Myanmar could be encouraged to pursue higher studies in India, particularly in the NE states.

india myanmar strategic relationship

Today, there is great demand for English language learning in Myanmar for obvious reasons. India could play a major role in this aspect by opening English Learning Centres, particularly in major cities, through our embassy in Myanmar. The infrastructure could be provided by the host country, English trainers could be provided by us, selected by Ministry of HRD in coordination with MEA.

Skill development is an important area of bilateral cooperation which would find immediate resonance with the Govt of Myanmar.

India - Myanmar Strategic Partnership: Indian Imperatives | South Asia Analysis Group

India could promote skill development in Myanmar by promoting suitable training institutions for skill development. India could promote agriculture in Myanmar by sharing our expertise in the field and forge a bilateral agreement to import agriculture produce to meet our domestic requirements as done in the case of African countries. India - Myanmar share social and cultural historical linkages which need to be revived through a mechanism of cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Myanmar is a Buddhist country. Origin of Buddhism in India, makes India a special tourist destination for people of Myanmar, which needs to be promoted. Establishment of National Institutions. Indian democracy has matured over the years and established many of the finest institutions in the world.