Iu wooyoung relationship

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iu wooyoung relationship

IU "2PM's Wooyoung and I Had an Akward Relationship". IU opened up about her scandal with 2PM's Wooyoung. IU recently recorded. ♥CAN I HAVE THIS DANCE♥(IU and Wooyoung fanfic). K 18 Lalo na at mahal niyo yung isa't isa pero kailangan niyong mag-give up sa relationship niyo . so it's about time that the Milk Couple sealed their relationship! Continue reading →. Tags: 2PM, Dream High, IU, Jason, Kim Pilsook, Milk Couple, Wooyoung.

I know a good place there. She knew that IU would be upset to hear about it. She had been feeling uncomfortable whenever she remembers the rumors that circulated after she and Wooyoung eat together twice. She had also constantly felt awkward around Wooyoung, creating a gap in their relationship. So, just continue our conversation about the dinner.

Is it just for two of us?

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I want to have a date with Soohyun oppa. She has a beautiful face but she has a slow brain. Of course your eonni must come too. And my manager will also come with us to dinner. I wonder why you have a slow brain despite having a beautiful face. Um… eonni, I want to go to bed.

Who is Jang Wooyoung’s Girlfriend? Lovelife of Wooyoung from 2PM

Agreeing with the plan, he immediately agreed when IU invited him to dinner. IU was wearing a simple yellow mini dress and she let her hair loose while her manager was wearing a formal shirt partnered with a simple coat. How do you know that I will meet Suzy?

I never told you that I will meet Suzy, oppa. Who else would you want to meet there except her? Aish, babo me to ask that stupid question. Yes, you are really stupid, Lee Jieun, her manager thought as he laughed with IU.

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Ten minutes later, at 7. Just when IU was about to call Suzy, all of the members of miss A along with the members of 2PM excluding a certain cheeky boy named Wooyoung appeared, everyone in their casual wear. IU felt that something was wrong. Suzy bit her lips softly as she tried to look for the right words to say.

We suddenly had something important to do.

iu wooyoung relationship

As well as the 2PM members. She was feeling guilty for deceiving IU like this. IU took a deep breath.

Her birthday dinner was a total failure. She could feel her eyes becoming watery but she could not blame Suzy or any other other members because it was really important. But, can you help us? Since you are here, we really need your help right now. He suddenly had a cold tonight. Please, just for tonight. Just me and him? She pondered for a while. After minutes of deliberating, she finally agreed to take care of Wooyoung because everyone was staring at her with their puppy eyes and her manager forced her.

She had no way out of it. IU took a deep breath, thinking if this was the right thing to do. Right when she was about to ring it, someone had already opened the door.

And it was Wooyoung. He looked so stunned to see IU, standing in front of his dorm. He's such a saint Am I the only one who finds IU a bit iffy? Pann talks about IU's sly and calculating personalities 1.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk And IU In A Relationship?

She ruined the images of Wooyoung and Eunhyuk and yet she's pretending to be innocent. Also, when I read her feedback that said, "I was going to reveal it but I didn't know how I should tell", I knew she was smart and that she was gonna have a stable celebrity career. She must be thankful to her fans but I got the vibe. A lot of people say she takes care of the people around her but her past controversies are a little ambiguous. Why are you guys so scary?

I personally don't like IU and it's not because of Eunhyuk incident, it's because of the video of the manager's clothes and she's the type of person that I dislike. At that time, there was barely any hate towards Eunhyuk and IU got most of the hate. I saw IU's image getting ruined.

iu wooyoung relationship

How can you say Eunhyuk's image is ruined and that IU is doing well now? Eunhyuk wasn't even that popular in the first place but IU was popular. It took a long time for her to regain her popularity with her music and acting. It's not like Eunhyuk was so popular and then the incident ruined his popularity.

I also think IU's personalities are so-so but I admit her talent and music.

iu wooyoung relationship

Know proper reasons before bashing someone. I also think she said she lost her chance to Dispatch so that people will call Dispatch out. I wonder why she said she lost the chance. I don't find her likeable because she seems calculating and fake. I like her songs and she's cute so I like her but she honestly seems like a fox.

In the past, IU was the only celebrity that I liked but I somehow couldn't bring myself to stan her. I still think the same when I see her on variety shows.

It's not like she has bad personalities, but she's a fox who calculates how to act. Like a very smart fox.

iu wooyoung relationship

I really like IU as a singer but if I knew her personally, I wouldn't want to be close to her. She's really good at calculating and she knows exactly what to do for a minimum damage.

I think she knows how to act to make people adore her.