Kamidori alchemy meister serawi ending a relationship

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kamidori alchemy meister serawi ending a relationship

Let's go, Master!」」 - double ending parenthesis. Quote: Yuela Hannah: I know of no other alchemists who has created such bonds with other races. .. The Guild should strengthen its relationship with the Union and not just. Kamidori Alchemy Meister is the only Eushully game, so far, that has been fully In the end, the Present Gods won and they ruled the world. Back to The plot of the route and its main focus is the relationship between Yuidora and Disnafrody. Servalwi Endoss, or more commonly known as “Serawi”, is a. IT SHALL BE DONE Kamidori Alchemy Meister (God Catching It may therefore be possible to save, end the turn, kill an enemy to level up.

Spending on side quests and storylines can really be a time waster as well because not only does it have a huge directory of dialogue, it also needs some strategy to employ so as to advance to the next event. Three factions of Gods were contending at the time namely: In the end, the Present Gods won and they ruled the world.

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Back to the current timeline of the game, it introduces the Raulbhach continent, the second biggest continent in the world and under this continent is the region of Setetory which lays the city of Yuidora. This city was founded 18 years ago after the abolishment of the Old Mikelty Kingdom which led to the establishment of the Mikelty Union which consisted of Yuidora and other independent city-states.

Routes There are three routes in this game which involves Wilfred into three different scenarios his life can take place. Each will have different conflict with different problems, and different drama. He ultimately failed to pass because of the incident and it led to another year of apprenticeship and learning so as to take the exam again. As he passes the exam, he meets three girls at the start of the prologue respectively named Yuela, Emelita, and Servalwi.

One thing led to another as Wil hired them all as his guards and they went to explore the forests and mountains surrounding Yuidora. As the group continues their adventures, they will meet several allies of different races. He is kind-hearted and will always give his best whatever his client and friends needs of him although because of his naivety and curiosity, there were some scenes where it is straight out questionable.

Other than that, his attitude is of calmness and understanding the situation. This guy is a boss when it counts as he keeps his word and claim responsibility for everything he has done. He never hesitates to help other people because giving smiles to people is his objective.

Also, he seriously tries to learn fresh ideas and applies them whenever it is possible to do. In the end, although this guy is considered at first to be a simple alchemist, his talent and hardwork plus the help of friends will make him be one of the best alchemists there is in this world.

Yuela, The One with her Blade Yuela is a mysterious swordswoman with a stoic attitude who is very shy at times. She is from the country far east of Yuidora called Disnafrody which is evident from her clothes made with eastern designs and cloths. Yuela is the first heroine introduced in the game. She showed little to no hesitation to kill and threaten people up until she met Wil. It was an encounter that led to a misunderstanding ending in a deal they both agreed. This is actually the first route I played the first time I got this game and it was well worth it to see what happened between these two and as they overcome their differences of culture towards the discovery of the unknown.

The plot of the route and its main focus is the relationship between Yuidora and Disnafrody. A city-state of alchemists which is flourishing its system and technology, and the country of military strength rivalling the whole Mikelty Union but has its economy struggling and its people suffering.

This conflict will inevitably involve the couple as both them has connections to each respective lords. From the order of the Elf Chief, she was sent to Yuidora as the emissary between the elves and humans.

Although I say order, it seems that Serawi herself wants to provide the foundation for coexistence of the two races.

Her first encounter with Wil was at the bar when the barkeeper was asking Wil for a dye.

kamidori alchemy meister serawi ending a relationship

She got interested in Wil after he presented the dye that is based on natural resources. Serawi believed that Wil has the personality and skills to help her in making her dream come true. The story ensues after that and in the end; she was hired as his guard. Throughout the game, she serves as the teacher of Wil related to elves and spirits.

What can I say about her route?

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The romance begins when Wil and Serawi was purifying pollution to the land and the story goes on and on until Serawi literally corners Wil mentally and rapes him. Joking aside, Serawi kind of coerced Wil to lose his sense of judgement and jumped straight to Serawi to become her lover.

The only thing I got concerned about is their problem about their lifespan being far too different from the other.

Although its story is somewhat okay, its conclusion is better as we can really see what is the future ahead of these two interracial lovers. The focus this time is forming the relationship between Yuidora and different races in the region.

This route is like an RPG game from gameboy the difference is that Wil stays in one place. In this route, Wil befriends a lot of races as well as helping them to be in coexistence with humans. Emelita, The Ascendant Emelita is a magician the size of a kid with a very bright personality and an extremely talkative mouth. She appears to be friendly with a carefree demeanor as well as being energetic. We can only find it out in her route.

I have to say that this is the most well-polished route in this game and I like what I saw in this route than any other. Her route has many plot twists to offer and the pacing up from the details of uncovering the truths and incidents of the game up to how they managed to set up the storyline in different locations are great.

The main reason Wil fell for Emelita is because she is one cunning girl. It seems to me that she kind of use the flow of the mood to abruptly make everything what she wants. The ending was delightful as my most favorite ending happened in this route. The focus on this route is about family relationships and political affairs between Yuidora and the rest of the Mikelty Union.

Side Characters There are plenty of side characters to talk about and each of them has a specific storyline everyone can read if they played the game. The characters in this game is very diverse in all aspects as he gathers allies from different races with the affinity every element in the game.

An awkward and weird sight for players. Both of them have likes, goals, and ambitions but cannot do entirely because of their natures which holds them out. One of my favorite characters in this game. Also have to mention Kohakuren, who is a nine-tailed fox who I feel is very proud of her own existence for some reason. There is Rosanna Leviera who governs Yuidora as its head. She also acts as an adviser who generally orders Wil to do various quest and helps him when he asks questions.

Such races may be a fairy princess, a mischievous fiend, a mysterious and mature devil, and the adorable Eushully maids. Their storylines are a bit short but the one with the devil is interesting, challenging, and time-consuming. Resistance value reduces damage received from spell attacks. The opponents' Speed values determine the number and order of attacks during an encounter. Higher Speed allows to attack before the opponent, and sometimes gain an extra attack.

Luck value determines chance to score a critical hit. Actual critical hit chance is Character's Luck - Opponent's Luck capped by 0. Hit value increases chance to hit the enemy during combat. Actual hit rate is Attacker's Hit - Defender's Evade capped at Evade value increases chance to avoid enemy's attack. Movement value determines how many tiles the character can move every turn.

Determines how effective the character is at selling items as a clerk. The equipped skills' total CP cannot exceed character's CP. Workshop Stats Synthesis Rank: Certain Synthesis Rank values are required for unlocking some recipes.

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Synthesis experience is gained by crafting items. Certain Knowledge values are required for unlocking some recipes. Determines how many clerks you can put in the store.

Determines maximum size of item stacks for sale. Affects how many items customers buy. Affects how many customers visit Wil's store. Increases the cost of sold items by a percentage. Increases gained Synth experience. Increases chance to create a mutated version of the item during synthesis, for recipes that have mutations.

kamidori alchemy meister serawi ending a relationship

Certain Sense values are required for unlocking some recipes. Earliest you can get to level 99 feasibly: It is possible to level to 99 right at the prologue. Leveling at Deadbeat Dungeon Keep in mind that a character gains weapon proficiency only if a weapon is equipped, and that the most powerful weapons all require level M proficiency.

Defeating the Deadbeat monsters level The 5 enemies in each Deadbeat level will not attack no matter what you do to them. The deadbeat levels that are unlocked later in the game have higher-leveled enemies. Attacking the King Putetto level Attacking the King Putetto boss in the Deadbeat God level will allow you to quickly get your characters to about level The King Putetto will attack you, however, if you attempt to melee it.

At level 99, it has 70 Atk. Attacks also get Reflected, so be careful of that as well. Once every 3 turns, it will also use a Holy-elemental AOE that damages all characters within 2 cells of it.

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At level 99, its Int is about 50, so this attack hurts as well. In short, attack it with a wind, ice, or physical skill to minimize reflected damage, and use ranged attack with a range of 3 or greater to avoid the AOE skill.

Ranged skills that have low SP cost e. Snipe and Concentrate SP regeneration skill are good as well. Increasing the level of King Putetto level The King Putetto has a level of 75 or the average level of your five highest-leveled characters, whichever is higher.

Characters that are store clerks or are in Guest mode are excluded from the average. When your characters are about the same level as the King Putetto, the exp gained from attacking it will decrease. The minimum exp you can receive from King Putetto is 10 no matter how high your level is.

You may therefore want to level up 5 characters with King Putetto until those 5 characters and King Putetto are at level The rest of your characters can then be leveled quickly with King Putetto.

Of the five characters you want to level to 99 first, you may want to use Wil and the main heroines as four of them due to their ability to equip Demeter Gems. Other Deadbeat mobs more efficient before level 45 since those give base EXP per kill 2 level ups per kill with 4 Demeter Gems. When 5 characters and therefore King Putetto are at level 99, the remaining characters gain the following amounts of EXP per run, notwithstanding slowdown from Main characters, however, can equip Demeter Gems on clothing so they can level up faster.

Even then, however, they are still important for two purposes: Leveling up during the first game and early second game so that your characters will be powerful enough to farm Sei Gobles see under "Money Tips" or to clear the append disk dungeons the first time, especially Advent Bay. This minimizes the number of dungeon runs required. Consider repeating arena battles for levels, especially early in the game.

Arena battles do not advance in-game time, and battles that have been cleared do not require a fee, so are more or less free to repeat. The number and types of enemies is always the same. With the Fountain of Youth furniture, you can transmigrate level 99 characters, i.

Skills and stats Str, HP, etc are kept. Once the Fountain is placed in the yard, characters that are level 99 and are equipped with their ultimate accessories will have an event. Selecting the event will let you choose if you want to transmigrate.

Transmigration does NOT use up the accessory. You can do this as many times as you want. If a character has to be a minimum level to see an event, you'll need to level that character to that minimum level after transmigration. The Fountain of Youth is a bonus reward from Pagan Seal Advent Baya stage available in the second game and onwards.

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Yard furniture that give status growth stone e. Jupiter Stone are obtainable in the second game and onwards by clearing the Ver 2.

Some characters have low stat caps.