Kindling relationship aqw play

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kindling relationship aqw play

Playing with Living Fire: Extinguish 10 Living Fire. Kindling Relationship: You will need to lower the three drawbridge by clicking the glowing orbs, it can be done. Liquid Hot Magma Maggots; Scorched Serpents; Playing With Living Fire; Kindling Relationship. Requirements: Must have completed the 'Find Felsic the. Total Reputation: 3, Arcangrove Reputation. Equipment Won: None. Notes: Must complete Playing with Living Fire beforehand. Automatic.

Travel left into the Cloister. XD Talk and then you shall be allowed to complete quests. Proceed to complete HER quests. XD In the tree, Forward, forward, left and get the sparkly thing. Rather not search it up though. And back to Rayst. Go to Mudluk Village lazy to correct spelling. Talk to the Paddy Lump frog toad thing. XD Jk, not that much, but decent.

Click it for an AC shop. You know what I mean. XD Yeah swamp lurkers: DD Not absolute drop. Fight 5 random swamp monsters.

How to Do the Bridge Riddle in "AdventureQuest Worlds" Kindling Relationship

Go to the Tower of Magic and walk around until you find some gorillaphants. Fight 10 of them. Not the Best Idea Fight the swamp frogdrakes that are everywhere… 12 of them to fight. Like, as in, you have to fight 12 of them. Gates and Guardians Lol, this one is really annoying xD The first time I came to Mudluk forgetting that there was a whole quest line I just ran around and clicked crystals.

kindling relationship aqw play

XD And then a cutscene. I wonder if this was where those breathing pot- wait did DF even happen yet.

kindling relationship aqw play

XD I love those creepy statues everywhere. Seafood Diet Fight the anglerfish. Now you can begin Nisse's quests to continue the storyline: Go around Natatorium and collect 12 purple corals. Don't walk over them too quickly or they might not register as more than one and you'll have to do it again.

Collect 20 Angler Fillets from the Anglerfish to complete. Beat enough Merdraconians to get 15 "Rescued Merfolk". For this quest you'll have to go to areas all around Arcangrove for the monsters.

kindling relationship aqw play

Then return to Nisse to turn the quest in. Now you must fight Nessie to get the "Defeated Nessie" quest item. It's kind of hard to open the gate and may take awhile: There are three pressure points you must cover to unlock the gate. Walking on the shells will move the statues to cover the points.

Felsic's Quests - AQW

For each one you need to figure out the correct pattern and timing. Again go to Rayst in Arcangrove and click the "Where to go next? Find Umbra, the Master Shaman: It will auto turn in, so you can stay in Gilead. You can now do the Gilead quests from Umbra to continue: The Root Of Elementals: Fight 5 Earth Elementals to receive the item "Dreg". Go find and beat Water Elementals to receive 5 "Aqueous Essences". Now defeat Wind Elementals to receive 5 "Welkin Essences".

Fighting Fire With Fire Salamanders: Go defeat Fire Elementals to receive 5 "Prye Essences". Guardian of the Gilead Wrap: There are many orbs located around Gilead that need to be activated in a certain order to unlock the gate. Then the gate will open and you can continue. Begin by talking to Rayst in Arcangrove to begin the Mafic storyline: Find Felsic, the Magma Golem: Now you can continue the quests offered by Felsic: Liquid Hot Magma Maggots: Playing With Living Fire: Para-elemental plane and the Great Mana Golem: Talk to Rayst there to continue: Obey Your Thirst For Adventure: Beat the Mana Falcons until you get five Astral Feathers.

kindling relationship aqw play

Big, Bad and Baddest Bosses: You need to go to all the previous zones and get items from the bosses: The Great Mana Golem: Find your way to the top of the para-elemental plane and get the "Mana Golem Defeated" item to complete. If you've made it this far in the storyline, you are ready for the last chapter of Arcangrove!

Then you can begin the final quest: Find you way to Ledgermayne and obtain the "Ledgermayne Defeated" quest item. Every once in a while when you are fighting Ledgermayne, he will charge a super attack and one of the two blackish-gray pads will light up to purple. When that happens, run to the purple pad before the attack hits.

If it hits, it can kill you, but if you're on the safe-zone pad, you will actually get healed a small amount. You have now finished the seventh chaos lord!