No pressure how i met your mother ending a relationship

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no pressure how i met your mother ending a relationship

That point was made beautifully in tonight's episode, I thought, by the brief sequence with Lily and Marshall in the bar trying to figure out how Robin left things with Ted when she departed for Moscow. How many of us could get to the end of a night like the one Ted plans for. How I Met Your Mother Recap: 'No Pressure' When Ted read that Lily wagered that him and Robin would not end Were the bets the real reason why Lily sabotaged all of Ted's previous relationships, as we learned in “The. How I Met Your Mother: "No Pressure" Review. Share. in Ted's eyes as we flashed to the last moments of their first break-up conversation.

But this episode explains why Ted felt the need to tell his children stories from the years before meeting The Mother. Ted describes a walk he took to a bagel shop, while constantly getting distracted by people and things along the way. Being Ted Mosby, he goes into great detail about the importance of each distraction. Because as we all know, the person he ran into at the bus stop was none other than…Stella?

But one person in particular who always lead him towards the mother was Robin.

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But in this episode, her role in helping him meet The Mother was by being the one to suggest he get the bagel. And the rest is history. And we will never know until all is said and done who we wish we could go back and thank for the life lessons, advice and distractions that lead us to our metaphorical girls with yellow umbrellas.

We just have to go with the flow.

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And with both of them single and living together, it was no surprise that a moment of standing on the same rooftop where they shared their first kiss was enough to get Ted to tell her how he truly felt all this time. But when Ted discovers that Robin may still have feelings for Barney, he makes the disappointing realization that Robin is never going to change her mind and be with him.

But Ted sees this as a burden being lifted off his shoulders. With there being no promise of him being with Robin in the future, he re-opens his heart to the idea that any woman he meets could potentially be the one. By the way, did anyone else notice in this episode that Robin leaves the door partway open when she leaves for Moscow? And also in the re-enactments of the scene?

no pressure how i met your mother ending a relationship

And the reality of the situation hits Ted smack dab in the face as he sits alone at the bar with tickets to a Robots vs.

If he had decided to give up on love and destiny days after the night of the Robots vs. And the lesson applies to everyone. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. December Learn how and when to remove this template message Future Ted tells his children that the day that he told their mother he loved her was significant because he had not said those words to anyone since he confessed to Robin that he still loved her. In the aftermath of Ted 's confession, he reminds Robin that five years ago their thoughts on the future were too different, and they broke up.

Before they can talk about how Ted's confession could change their platonic relationship and status as room-mates, Robin suddenly has to leave to work on a story in Moscow —she thought she had another twelve hours before she had to leave. Meanwhile, Barney wakes up at Lily and Marshall 's house after taking the " drunk train " and becomes convinced that they have a sex tape hidden somewhere in their house.

While searching for it, he finds a box of long-term bets they have been keeping, one of which involves Lily betting Marshall that Ted and Robin will not end up together.

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As Ted tells Marshall and Lily what happened between him and Robin, Barney arrives and calls Marshall and Lily out on their numerous long-term bets.

When Barney learns that one of the bets confirms the existence of a sex tape, he returns to Marshall and Lily's house and eventually finds the tape. Ted learns of the bet regarding his relationship with Robin and becomes upset with Lily, who forces Ted to consider why he hasn't got back together with Robin in the past five years.

When Ted considers that the reason why he and Robin never got back together was because she is in love with Barney, he is surprised with Barney's tepid reaction.

no pressure how i met your mother ending a relationship

Barney tells Ted everything that happened between him and Robinsaying, "Whatever I thought was there, she thought differently", and despite being told that Robin and Kevin broke up, he gives his blessing to Ted if he and Robin begin dating again.

However, before they can watch the sex tape, Marshall and Lily arrive to try to win the bet involving the sex tape Lily wins if Barney watches it, while Marshall wins if Barney does not.