Only you hong kong drama ending relationship

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only you hong kong drama ending relationship

Nominated: Best Drama; Nominated: Best Actress (Louise Lee); Nominated: Best Actress (Yoyo Mung). Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc . 29 min | Short, Drama, Romance. However when Min-soo's mother questions their relationship, the only . sad but lovely story and there's a fave quotation at the end . Ricky leaves Hong Kong for Switzerland to look for the lost soul and the past of his. Colly's Review of TVB Series "Only You", featuring Louise Lee, I wonder if Louise's storyline in “Only You” is based on her real life relationship with her daughter? . I loved the dialogue between the characters of the drama.

My whole family looks different! Laughs We have circus genes! Grace with her twin brother, parents and older sister. Not a lot of people ask me that. Guffaws Let talk about your relationship with Kevin. Many showbiz couples go to great lengths to hide their romance.

But it came to a point where people found out and there were photos, so we thought it was better to be open about it.

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But there are still a lot of things we keep private. Maybe if you give people a bit of what they want, they back off. At first, our relationship was a hot topic, but now we have a bit more space. Which gives you more pressure: Dating someone who is 22 years old than you or dating someone who is such a celebrated actor? Neither gives me pressure. But have you ever, even briefly, felt the age gap?

Like maybe with pop culture references, or the songs and movies that you like?

Grace Chan Is So Nice (No Wonder Kevin Cheng Loves Her)

He puts on a very cool exterior. Smiles And then he complains about me being too friendly. Laughs What do you do together? Did you ever think of a career in journalism or communications? I really actually wanted to do publishing or journalism or PR, but [this showbiz career] kinda all came with the pageant.

only you hong kong drama ending relationship

And joining the pageant was something I wanted to do since I was a little girl. You sound so chill. Hmm… yes I do, about some things.

Have you felt depressed or sad? If I talk about it, I have release. I annoy a lot of people who have to listen to my problems. Laughs Why do all Hongkong pageant queens become actresses? Is joining a beauty pageant a sure way into showbiz? I do find a lot of people join to get into showbiz, but not for me. I really just joined the pageant to fulfil a childhood dream. How about the misconception that beauty queens are mostly vacuous clotheshorses? In a pageant, you have the public eye on you, the press trying to dig up every detail about your life, and you have to be body-confident and be able to speak well.

Throw anybody into it and they would have a difficult time. What I want to do is change the way people perceive pageantry. However, her business was failing. Phoebe was looking for staff and she hires Mandy due to her talking skills. However, Tim Jeh did not have a good impression of Mandy and disliked her.

Tim Jeh starts to get on with Mandy knowing that she is hard working. Mandy meets up with some old school friends and discovered that they are all married to rich men. She felt that she should also find a partner and Tim Jeh arranges some match making. When Mandy was invited to be a bridesmaid, she met Ashley Joel Chan who was wealthy and good looking. Mandy believed that Ashley has a crush on her. It turned out that Ashley was actually a bisexual and had used Mandy to keep his father happy. Mandy was really upset.

Mandy soon develops feelings for Summer but his ex-girlfriend returns and the two were dating again. However, the two do not get along since Ching finds her mother annoying and believes that she forced her father to leave the family.

However, she discovered that her father left the family because he had met another woman. She felt very ashamed and upset on her wedding day and apologised to her mother. Meanwhile, Summer and Mandy begin to develop feelings for each other and start dating.

Mandy took the money that Summer gave her and invested in the new business. King and Elaine were going to get married but Elaine was really fussy over the wedding and keep altering her dress.

Ching learns that her father did not have an affair and leave the family for another woman. Instead, he just did not get along with her mother.

She tries to convince her Tim Jeh to divorce her father but she refuses and was very angry with Ching. Summer decides to go travelling and does not want to focus on the new business. However, Mandy wants a more stable lifestyle and does not want to go travelling and leave the new business.

After her husband's death, she brings her only son, Lung Shing-fu, to Hong Kong and settles in the walled city. She disapproves of her son's involvement with The Fellow Association, but would do anything to protect him. Thai Por owns a mini store across the street from Tiu Lan's hair salon, and the two often compete for customers.

Kuen's roommate and one of Tiu Lan's tenants.

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He works as a general contractor and was the first person to bring Kuen into the walled city. A Hong Kong business tycoon and a leading figure of The Fellow Association, and controls most of the gambling operations within the walled city, including the city's biggest underground fighting ring.

He is a hidden master in Tai Chiand fights with a weaponised umbrella. One of the leading figures of The Fellow Association.

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He controls most of the city's prostitute houses and performance clubs. A rough childhood turned him into a heartless, cruel, and a little twisted in the mind, but he remains extremely protective of his younger brother, Fung Ha-moon. His feminine appearance and demeanor hides his true persona of a ruthless, cruel and sadistic triad boss. He is a master in the Eagle Claw.

He controls most of the city's drug rings, and is also a drug addict himself. He is a master in the Piguaquanand takes medication to neutralise his sensitivity to pain. Fuk Sau-kam has a sadistic mind, and takes joy in torturing others for his entertainment.

only you hong kong drama ending relationship

Fung Chun-mei's younger brother who co-rules his prostitution empire.