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Ramblers Newsletter – 23 January – Evesham Ramblers

documents for Ramblers Cymru and Ramblers Scotland. Ability to develop strong, collaborative relationships with a wide . from us within four weeks of the closing date please assume that you have not been shortlisted. Ramblers Scotland welcomes the opportunity to submit evidence to the generate, support, promote and deliver new relationships between land, or by installing self closing gates for access takers adjacent to the main gate. David also welcomed Dr Andrew Murray (the Scottish Government's former physical activity . For Ramblers Scotland, our relationship with sportscotland is very important, especially now we are .. CLOSING REMARKS.

Please consider stepping up yourself and please do share this information onwards. The board have agreed that they will explore the submission of a motion to general councilto facilitate this valuable debate. The trustees are keen to develop this motion in consultation with any areas considering presenting their own motions on this subject, to seek consensus on the wording of a combined motion, and to ensure it will be acceptable to all interested parties.

Kate Ashbrook has volunteered to represent the trustees and to work with Nicky Philpott, director of advocacy and engagement, to take this motion forward. If your area is interested in discussing this motion please let me know, or contact Kate or Nicky directly so that they can include you in this current discussion. Please do sign our petition if you have a moment to support this important campaign. As you are aware, we have had a fair amount of change in the policy team recently: Please do bear with us over the coming months whilst we recruit and replenish our staff team in this vital area.

There are also updates on Walking for Health, our Festival of Winter Walks, area support and data protection. This update also includes reminders about the current survey of your systems and process needs and an update about the ongoing preparation for general council, to follow up on my December briefing.

I have been tremendously impressed by the staff and volunteers I have met over my first few weeks, and I can see that there is great strength in our diversity. As one team of determined walkers, we can transcend the simple opposites of one point of view versus another. I am excited by the prospect of the year ahead, I wish you all the very best and I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better.

Vanessa Griffiths, Ramblers chief executive officer Phone: The second round of consultations on these closures is now completed and we are waiting for Network Rail to submit their final proposals so that we can ensure that they represent the best solutions for walkers.

Ramblers Newsletter – 23 January 2017

We will be meeting Network Rail and the DEFRA Minister with responsibility for rights of way next month, to put forward our objections and hear their views. As you may already know, Janet Davis, our senior policy officer on rights of way retired at Christmas. We are delighted that Janet will continue to support us over the next few years as a policy consultant.

She also helped us to recruit her successor and will work with Eugene on inducting him, his name is Stephen Russell and he will start at the end of March. His background is at the Landscape Institute where he was policy manager. We sent an email to all group and area chairs and secretaries last week with a link to this survey. We have already had a terrific response, so thank you to everyone who has already filled it in. The survey is open until Friday 31 March. The next few months are a really important opportunity to have your say.

Your responses will help determine which changes we most need to make and which improvements will be most effective. Insurance — please look out for the guide Please look out for an email which will shortly be sent to all group chairs and secretaries to signpost you to the updated insurance guide.

There is also a new out-of-hours phone number for reporting serious incidents. Walking for Health — please do consider partnering with this wonderful scheme Vanessa recently attended and spoke at the North Somerset Walking for Health scheme 10 year anniversary celebration. Vanessa presented Ramblers commendation certificates to four volunteers who had each achieved 10 years service to the scheme and found it to be an inspirational experience.

The event highlighted the value of linking Walking for Health schemes with Ramblers groups, to help new walkers progress from short, free, fun Walking for Health walks to longer and more strenuous Ramblers walks.

In this instance, it was evident that the overlap between the North Somerset Walking for Health scheme ambitions and those of the Ramblers go beyond group walking. They collectively recognise the need to have accessible places to walk and have achieved an impressive record of influencing the local authority to change a good number of old stiles into new kissing gates.

All of those who attended were struck by the huge amount of goodwill, positive energy and compassion in the room. It was taken for granted that the attendees all love to walk…what was equally apparent was that they loved caring for each other. The stories of friendships forged, of support for sufferers from chronic loneliness who had not previously spoken to a soul for days, and of numerous kindnesses extended to others — such as regularly assisting disabled walkers with transport — were truly magical.

The staff team who attended came back with validation about how important it is for us to continue to gather impact evidence and to lobby healthcare professionals to ensure that GPs get better at prescribing a good walk in the future. It is a testimony to why we exist as a charity.

If your area is already working closely with your local Walking for Health scheme, you are to be congratulated, if your area is not yet doing so, we would encourage you to consider exploring it, for mutual benefit.

Their support will help us to showcase our walking activities twice a year through GB wide walking festivals: Walk About and the Festival of Winter Walks. We are working on plans for the new look Festival of Winter Walks Please do make a note of these dates in your diaries. We will be writing formally to group chairs and secretaries with this information in a couple of weeks and will also be in touch regularly with updates throughout the year.

It would be helpful if you could start to prepare now by: Ensuring your groups are planning for the festival.

A close contest | CampaignerKate

Vice-president Gerald McGuire ran the proceedings, inviting us each to speak for up to three minutes before the secret ballot. I won by only 11 votes—71 to David Grosz was then elected as vice-chairman in a competition against another committee member, Des Whicher.

We were gearing up for the campaign for freedom to roam on open country in England and Wales, having spent the last five years establishing how it would work and drafting legislation, with much help from Paddy Tipping, then Labour MP for Sherwood in Nottinghamshire.

I said that Janet Street-Porter, in her presidential address, and Paddy Tipping, in his speech at the dinner the previous evening, had referred to access as a basic human right. These two speakers between them reached large sections of the community. It has since become access land. The minutes of my speech continue: Often it was necessary to say no, and members must never think that to say no was a negative act.

To protest against what was thoroughly wrong was always a most positive attitude. This was only the start of the publicity.