Relationship status its complicated turkish

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relationship status its complicated turkish

English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different Meanings of "relationship status (it's) complicated" in Turkish English. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with his on-then-off-then-on-again ally, Russia President Vladmir Putin, signaling a thawing of. Turkey has recently moved its forces toward the Iraqi border as the battle to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State group gathers.

Can and Aysegul spend more time knowing each other, to make their marriage look as real as possible. Aysegul then goes to meet Murat to tell him more about the book she is writing but soon realises that she has lost the precious birthday present that Can gifted her.

He spends so much time pacifying Elif that he almost forgets about Aysegul and she comes home on her own. Murat on the other hand comes to apologise for his behaviour but leave Elif with more pain.

relationship status its complicated turkish

Tahsin Tiken, Can's father explains Aysegul that Elif is their family friend and she need not feel jealous about her. On learning that Murat is at the hospital to meet Elif, Can stops him from meeting her. Murat asks Can to stay away from their matter.

relationship status its complicated turkish

Elif is saddened on seeing Murat with another female in the news on TV. Murat meets Can and even before he could tell him about the complete story of what happened between him and Elif one night, Can leaves in anger.

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Can meets Elif for a dress trial where he forgets his wedding ring. He gets annoyed and yells at Aysegul saying that it is just a contract marriage ring which is not very important for him.

relationship status its complicated turkish

He reminds her that their marriage is fake and she is nothing more than just a servant to him. Feeling hurt and humiliated, she decides to leave his house, but changes her plan on realizing that she has no other place to go. While Aysegul meets Murat, Can feels bad about his behavior and on her return he apologises her.

Aysegul meets Elif and questions her as to why she is interfering in their married life.

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After arguing for a while, they mutually decide that they will leave it to Can to decide with whom he wants to spend more time. Seeing this, despite the fact that Elif loves Murat, she starts feeling jealous of Aysegul and begins to spend more time with Can. Meanwhile, Murat tells Aysegul that despite her scripts are horrible, he can help her improve her writing and gives her a job. Aysegul finds a hard time completing the household chores as she wants to do only one thing; writing.

Meanwhile, Aysegul falls in love with Can while Murat falls in love with Aysegul due to her innocence. When Can came to know that Murat loves Aysegul he feels jealous. Later Can also falls in love with Aysegul. Can tries a lot to stop the divorce he finally gives up. On the day pf their wedding, Elif lies to Can about being pregnant. Can marries Elif and Murat proposes Aysegul and she accepts his proposal.

Aysegul takes Iso for vaccination where she meet Can. Aysegul wents to drink water when she saw Madiha and Niazi.

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Madiha was taking about Elif's fake pregnancy. Madiha suddenly realized that Aysegul was listening everything and runs behind her. She pushes her and knocks her to the ground.

Turkey & Iraq. Relationship status: It's complicated

Can helps Aysegul to stand on her feet back. Meanwhile, they come to know that Aysegul has lost a part of her memory and thinks that she is going to marry Can. Can takes advantage of this situation and starts to spend a lot of time with her. Iso meanwhile starts to live with Can. After a twisting turn Aysegul gets her memory back and kicks Can out of her house and reunites with Murat.

Aysegul starts to focus on her novel and Murats spends a lot of time with her which is not bearable for Can. Can heirs Handan to make them separate.

relationship status its complicated turkish

Aysegul gets to know about the fake pregnancy of Elif and threatens her that she will tell this to Can. Elif and Madiha traps Aysegul in their plan and shows that Aysegul pushed Elif and due to this Elif lost her child. Can and Ismail come to know about truth. Can gives Elif divorce and wants to marry Aysegul but on tha other hand Aysegul and Murats marriage ceremony is going on when Can enters and destroys everything and takes Aysegul with him.