Ride or die relationship memes long

15 'Fast And Furious' Memes That Will Make You Crave Movie 9

ride or die relationship memes long

Their relationship lived, and now it has died. A Meme, A Hickey & A Rabid Fanbase: Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan's Wild Break Up Story the prescription pill- named SoundCloud rapper released their collaboration "Live or Die.". Ride or Die was originally a biker term meaning if you couldn't ride you'd rather die. It has now changed to mean anyone (wife, boyfriend, best friend), that you. So settle in and prepare to laugh and cry as you are taken on a fascinating rollercoaster ride of love, lies, sorrow, and crime, with the most interesting fake couple.

Those skills don't seem to translate when they get thrown into other realities. They've been thrown into TV land a couple of times now, where they had to play in commercials and on game shows. They could barely do that right. Another time, they entered a reality where they were Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but they couldn't even get it together to play "themselves" properly.

All things considered, acting is a skill they should probably hone a little more. Before Dean, Cas' life was simple. He was a soldier of Heaven and followed orders.

ride or die relationship memes long

He didn't have time for feelings, only results. He made Cas fight and kill his brothers and his superiors in Heaven. He also made Cas disobey his dad.

ride or die relationship memes long

Dean has been directly responsible for Cas' death at least twice. He brought Cas to Purgatory with him, and even recently tried to kill Cas' adopted son. It's a wonder Cas still stands by the Winchesters at all. He does seem to have a particular soft spot for Dean True, the brothers stay in shape by running for their lives all the time.

But they definitely don't have a workout regiment. When was the last time Sam walked in on Dean doing push ups? More often than not, he walks in on him looking at Hentai. Then there's that diet. It actually almost cost Dean his life once. It seems like every time they come back from the dead their bodies get a reset as well.

It's not really fair. The rest of us have to eat salads to stay healthy. Dean doesn't even have to watch his alcohol intake. He was introduced as a writer, and not a very good one.


Basically, he was the showrunners' way of making fun of themselves. Chuck played the fool all the way through. And by all accounts, he's not a very good parent. His early solution to family problems was to exile any sibling or child who caused him problems. Recently, his solutions haven't really gotten any better. His response to Lucifer being angry was to send him on a time out. He did manage to reconcile with his sister, but he left Earth and all of the rest of his creations to fend for themselves.

Usually, shows make a point not to kill off their main characters. If a character survives a season, they should consider themselves very lucky. When the brothers are in trouble, their death is a very real possibility. In one episode, Dean died almost times. Now it's just a matter of how creative the resurrection method is. We've seen souls being sold and we've seen bodies with no souls.

We've even seen Dean turn into a demon and back. The one sure thing about being a hunter is that life ends bloody. But with Sam and Dean there seems to be an exception. There's plenty of blood, but life doesn't end. He helped the brothers defeat Lucifer and took the Devil's place as ruler of Hell. As he puts it, he's a businessman. That's why he remade Hell to be less bloody and more annoying. Also, it seems to have cell phone reception now. After a while of standing at odds with the Winchesters, he realized trying to beat them was hopeless.

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Then they tried to cure him, and that left him with just the slightest bit of humanity. After that, he went so far as to become drinking buddies with Dean. Staying evil probably would have been better for his health. He decided to keep helping the Winchesters, even after numerous brushes with death. He ultimately ended up sacrificing himself to save them and indeed the Earth.

Pretty noble for evil incarnate. It's kind of ridiculous what a big twit he actually is. This moment happened in a flash forward to the future. This is God telling Dean to hoard toilet paper before the apocalypse happens.

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God is upset because there is no toilet paper in the future. That's not even the silliest thing about Chuck. First, the characters are awesome. For these and many more reasons, we will keep following Dom and company to the end of this journey. But while we wait for the next movie, here are 15 Fast and Furious memes that will make you crave a movie nine.

While there is a barrage of cops getting their cars trashed in every single one of the movies, there is not a single speed radar out on the street to at least penalize the street racers with a big ticket.

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Meanwhile, people who watch the movies on a regular basis seem to have a real big trouble with the amount of speeding tickets they get in real life. Honestly, it is tough not to speed a little bit after leaving the movie theater and watching one of these movies. Still, people should calm down, if not for their safety, at least take it easy for the fact that you will get a hefty fine with that speeding ticket if you try to drive like Dom.

We have seen anything from Fords to Lamborghinis to Ferraris. First, Vin Diesel is too big a dude to ride anything that size. Now here is another funny idea for whoever wants to take it: For example, some people might just wave and say hi, hello, how are you, or make some kind of ridiculous amount of small talk until the light turns green.

But some people, especially people who have been friends for as long as Brian and Roman have, communicate in a more simple way. They just look at each other and flip them off. Seriously, it takes a certain level of friendship to be able to flip somebody off at a stoplight and have them laugh about it. Because, while it is a little bit messed up, it is the truth. Just think about it: