Shido itsuka relationship trust

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shido itsuka relationship trust

Tatsuo and Haruko are Shido's adoptive parents. Shido feels greatly indebted to them for taking him in, so much so that he regularly spoils their daughter, Koto. Kotori developed her commander mode persona when Shido gave her However, she trusted him to command when she was not present. The Date A Live light novel and anime series features a diverse cast of characters created by The spirits Shido is mostly close to are Tohka, Origami, and a former version of Kurumi, due to promises he made. In volume 7, Westcott briefly addresses him as Takamiya before switching back to Itsuka. Volume 17 reveals.

shido itsuka relationship trust

Going about with his normal life and rescuing Spirits is one thing, but with each new encounter and new Spirits to save, there is always some type of new hardship on Shido's mental health, since he has to deal with the opposite gender, with which he does not have much experience dealing.

Appearance Shido has all the looks of an average young man in high school. With blue hair down to his neck, amber brown eyes, and has straight hair and bangs. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform. His height is stated to be cm in the anime. During the time he cross-dressed, he was seen with long blue hair, and he wore the standard female Raizen High School uniform. He also had a hair clip in the form of a flower of some sort. Personality An average young man that originally had no interests in the opposite gender until he got forced to be by his little sister.

Kotori Itsuka/Relationships

He is now compelled to deal with females on a constant basis, something that he wasn't used to before. Kotori described another interesting part of Shido's personality.

shido itsuka relationship trust

As a result of being abandoned by his birth mother, Shido has become unusually sensitive to other people's despair. Her love for him is quite unusual, making many blunt and direct ways of seduction, yet at the same time, following most of his requests with a high level of trust, and has shown deep signs of concern for him in her own way.

shido itsuka relationship trust

Origami is very forward to the point of pervasion with her attraction for Shido and tried seducing him with her actions, such as buying a new bed, making herself deliberately vulnerable, giving him a combination of strong energy drinks and preparing traps to entice him to her. Shido is normally shocked and speechless at her actions, however after Origami became a Spirit in Volume 10 and Shido was told to make her fall for him, he displayed complete awareness of her carnivorous nature and stated that he was worried that he'd be devoured by her instead.

That Irreplaceable Someone『AMV』

Origami has also proven to value Shido's life greatly, even willing to fight the DEMand going so far as to steal a dangerous CR-Unit from AST and combat them specifically to protect him, when they planned to capture him. However, her fight against the Spirits are a more complex matter; while Shido has tried to make Origami try to speak to Spirits in a peaceful way, Origami declined because the deaths of her parents were caused by the actions of a Spirit, and because of her mission as a member of the AST.

During Volume 11, it was revealed that the source of Origami's feelings for Shido were not romantic, but instead was a severely high level of emotional dependance because of a promise that Shido having traveled back to the day of the fire 5 years ago and transformed into his 11 year old self made to keep her from falling to despair at seeing her parents death.

However, the ability has a limited range. He later utilizes the Angel in an attempt to unlock his past memories of Mio.

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Seals away the target pointed at by the key. Sends the consciousness of its target into the body of a past version of themselves. However, unlike the Twelfth Bullet, the user is only able to travel back to a few days at maximum regardless of how much time is used. Shido later uses the bullet to escape from Mio and return back to the day before Ratatoskr and DEM's final battle.

Origami Tobiichi/Relationships

Then more than all of them combined! I will accept you! And…………hand it over to you.

shido itsuka relationship trust

That is not all. I will make Yoshinon no longer need to protect you. You no longer need to go through those [painful] or [scary] things.

shido itsuka relationship trust