Solty rei ending relationship

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solty rei ending relationship

The following is a list of characters from the anime series SoltyRei. Contents. 1 Main characters . In the final two episodes, he was shown to have had a romantic relationship with a human named Illumina Kisch, . To end her havoc and to disrupt R.U.C. operations so they could infiltrate the headquarters, Roy put her into a. Solty Rei has quickly become one of my favorite Gonzo series. I will give the episode points for the trick ending, though. We find out the true relationship between Miranda and Kasha (which is hinted in “The Future”) and. Solty Rei is a Manga and episode Anime series that follows Roy Revant, credits of "The Future" (the finale episode) to get an epilogue showing the true ending. ex-cop to a tee; although his relationship to androids is much more cordial.

The action sequences are a bit hit or miss. In some of them, the use of CG really detracts from the sequence.

solty rei ending relationship

Since the CG can be really awkward. Others are quite good.

Some of the futuristic clothes the characters wear can be just ridiculous too. Solty's outfit, for example, has a random triangle right over her bum and another right over her bosom. Why are there random triangles and why are they positioned so that they could be easily construed as downwards arrows? That's just a bad idea. At best you look clueless at worst you look like you're trying to draw attention to those areas in a decidedly unclassy way.

There are some good actors in this. There really aren't any bad performances.

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The music is pretty good as well. There are some scenes between Solty and Rose early on that get a bit homo-erotic, but the series eases off on that for reasons that become quite apparent.

There are also the girls in the RUC. Celica and Accela seem to be into each other. Integra also has moments where she seems to be interested in other women. In spite of its problems, Solty Rei is a good anime. Aside from the antagonists, it has strong characters and there are some compelling facets to the story. Hilga's existence remained hidden in secret for 12 years until it was hijacked by Accelaits second pilot, who used Hilga as a weapon of destruction.

It was heavily damaged when Accela forced to shut close Hilga's fully charged hyper beam cannon's opening to prevent its firing.

solty rei ending relationship

It was repaired again for Solty's use, its third pilot, to stop Eirene and the migration ship from its collision course to a newly terra-formed planet. It successfully took off to outer space but was finally destroyed by Eirene's defense weapons. In the wake of the catastrophe, a large number of children who could not be identified were sent to city orphanages.

In response, the city's political leadership decided to grant a number of these orphans residency in order to give them access to healthcare and other city amenities.

solty rei ending relationship

After being visited by Roy Revant who mistakenly believes her to be his daughterRita explains that she is able to receive welfare and live in the countryside because of her benefits as a New Rights Child.

Each altered female has many physical characteristics enhanced strength, speed, etc.

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As the alteration caused by the Blast Fall also changed even hair color on some cases, it is the reason why Rose changed from a redhead into a blonde girl. Probably the ability of easy interface with machines is also the reason why they bear the Power Suits we see them using when in a mission.

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These suits bear a striking resemblance to the Knight Saber's Hardsuits from Bubblegum Crisisas the concept designer for both series is Kenichi Sonoda. These suits allow certain abilities unique to each of the four members. Notably, while Ashley is fighting Integra, he refers to her ability as 'Overclock'.

solty rei ending relationship

The abilities of the other members of the team may have names too, but these are not mentioned. The four members are all named after models of cars. In addition to a private security force, they also have large four-leggeded mechas resembling construction cranes. Easy Amnesia - After hitting a metal beam headfirst, Solty can't remember her past or her real name.

Expy - Roy is arguably an older and even more bitter version of Rick Deckardwith his hairstyle, trenchcoat and perma-stubble fitting said ex-cop to a tee; although his relationship to androids is much more cordial. Faking the Dead - Rose. Fan Service - The RUC Transformation SequenceSolty's frequent backside shots, and the fact that there is a shower or bath scene nearly every episode Fond Memories That Could Have Been - Roy Revant, Solty's aloof and coldly distant adoptive father frantically pleaded for his little girl to not go through with the suicidal Heroic Sacrifice to save the planet, even going as far as telling her that he would take her to the amusement park like any father would his daughter.

She simply smiles with tears in her eyes, and says that she's happy to have been his daughter, and bravely steps into the shuttle to her doom. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! It's stated that this isn't the first time concussive maintenance was applied.