Sonic the hedgehog 2006 ending relationship

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sonic the hedgehog 2006 ending relationship

Sonic the Hedgehog arguably marked the end of this popular gaming franchise. I give it a try and reveal exactly why it's still so. It hasn't been easy for Sonic the Hedgehog fans. of death and forced to share a kiss with a human being in 's Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic and friends end up running around a whole bunch, leaping through time for. It makes no sense to bog him down with a romantic relationship. Why do people like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, despite it being the worst game in the classic series? between Sonic and Princess Elise were too cringy, especially the end scene.

Silver went back in time because Mephiles told him about the "Iblis Trigger," the one who would release Iblis and turn the world into the one that Silver and Blaze are familiar with. Mephiles even showed him who the Iblis Trigger was: Obviously, Sonic would never release Iblis, but Silver doesn't know that. Later, you find out that Iblis was sealed in Elise, and that he'd be released if Elise ever cried. By the end of the game, Elise has fallen in love with Sonic, and when Mephiles kills him, Elise starts to cry and ends up releasing Iblis.

Mephiles had been telling Silver the truth about the Trigger all along; Sonic did release Iblis Here's a hypothetical example for you all.

Let's say you have a teenager who wants to write a fanfic. The obvious traits of such a work become evident: They all have a grand absurd adventure, complete with some absurd exaggerated powers, fighting robots and demons, travelling through time, and little thought is left to the dialogue, which takes a pretty big hit. The story ends, as typical, with the main character being uplifted as a sort of messiah, getting raised from a glorified death, getting the girl, and all that.

So you have a very strange, twisted, plothole-ridden story that appeals mostly to this particular guy, nobody else. Now assume further that said fanfic writer has a best friend who's good with computers. He decides to make a fangame out of the fanfic. He's pretty good, he makes something really shiny out of the story It's riddled with bottomless pits, very problematic controls, and falling-through-walls-and-floors glitches.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006: End of the World [1080 HD]

Coupled with a poor excuse for a story, you have a pitiful excuse for a game, largely because it was the work of a couple of inexperienced fans of the series. You also now have a valid explanation of the phenomenon that is Sonic the Hedgehog ! Could it be that one of the most ridiculed games in history was deliberately a parody of fanfics and fangames, and that the world misunderstood the point?

Princess Elise the Third

Admittedly, he may not be such a good videogame programmer, and it would be rather similar to the one programmer being commissioned to make the Atari E. Still, this Alternative Character Interpretation is among the best this troper has ever seen. I rest my case. It did have landing gear.

Tails just overlooked the fact that the landing gear was completely unusable in the Tornado's secondary form thanks to wings that projected well below the fuselage.

sonic the hedgehog 2006 ending relationship

He's an excellent inventor That, and Tails is sort of clumsy. Who was it that accidentally told Eggman about the Fake Chaos Emerald? Except that Sonic doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would spend his time writing stories and turning them into video games. Well, no, but who's Sonic's biggest fan?

She strikes me as the kind of person who'd write terrible fanfic. Although it falls down when you wonder why she didn't write herself in as the princess. Also, there's that bit towards the end where you choose either Amy or Elise, I'd guess "canon" has him choosing Amy in this case. Also, if this is a parody of fanfics and fangames, Elise could very well be a parody of the Relationship Sue.

Still, did she have to imagine a human character for the role? Here's something to make this even better: They have to exist in Mobius as well. Let's take this one step further; My personal theory is that Eggman took a look at the exceptionally poor Sonic fanfics, and decided to adapt it into a game and hype it up to high heaven as if it was going to be a Game of the Year contender, just to completely screw over Sonic, and the entire fanbase, For the Evulz.

Needless to say, he did quite a good job on it. Mephiles seems a better candidate for the OC stand-in — just look at him! He's a recolor of a canon character, has almost godlike power he's essentially half of a powerful, time-eating godcan overpower the hero, possesses a powerful, exotic "true form", and is literally darkness. Why does Silver trust Mephiles The Dark so easily? Well, Silver and Blaze live in a post-apocalyptic world, where there is no one left but them, presumably.

They wouldn't be familiar with the Obviously Evil trope, and now that they see that they have a possibility to change their world, they take it. Moreover, what's the cause of all Silver's problems? Iblis — a being of fire born from a sun god.

There's a good chance that by Silver's time, light and fire have become strongly associated with negative, destructive forces. So, when someone calling themselves "the Dark" who has black and dark grey fur shows up, and offers to help Silver and Blaze get rid of Iblis, he immediately looks like a good guy.

sonic the hedgehog 2006 ending relationship

This does raise questions about the fire-controlling Blaze, but the point still holds. Because Mephiles based his voice off of the Duke's. Of all the things Mephiles is A liar he is not. His choice of words had double meanings. Silver latches to the idea of "Iblis Trigger", but doesn't directly ask who is the real culprit.

They found him all along and didn't ask to confrm it. Telling Omega that he would turn against Shadow, and telling Shadow that the world would betray him — Mephiles can travel through time and the timelines touching them. It's a possible outcome somewhere, I'm sure, supported by the events in Shadow's game. He's merely stating a speculation that exists in a possible timeline.

Yes, he caused that. No, not him directly. Considering a future iteration of Mephiles exists in that future world, but at the time is currently in the present, while the present iteration is in the future Present Mephiles has not caused the actions which lead to that yet, but Future Mephiles has already indeed done so.

Basically "No, not yet, anyway. The loss of her parents left Elise with much grief and sorrow, but she always tried to stay strong due to her father's words. When Iblis was later sealed inside her, Elise forced herself to never cry, as her tears would free Iblis from within her. This trapped her in a perpetual state of fake optimism where she would try to make light of her fate, but in reality, she always carried sadness that she could never let go of, leaving her trapped in her own feelings.

It is eventually Sonic's presence that makes Elise truly happy for the first time since her father's death, allowing her to get out of her own captivity. However, Sonic's words of encouragement and her own knowledge of what is right win out in the end and she blows out the flame. Possibly as a side effect of the ritual that was used to seal Iblis within her body, Elise, at times, seems to possess a small degree of mental instability, as shown when she hallucinates Soleanna in flames during the Festival of the Sun and sees a vision of Silver surrounded by flames upon meeting Sonic for the first time.

Powers and abilities Elise has some sort of unspecified supernatural ability which is manifested as a hidden power, [5] though it is unknown if it is a side effect from having Iblis sealed inside her or it is a power of her own.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006): Don’t Worry, It’s Still Just As Awful As You Remember

When she and Sonic are together, Elise can join her hidden power with Sonic's to form protective barrier around them. She also possesses a degree of spiritual awareness even after Iblis was released from her as demonstrated when she was able to sense the presence of Sonic's spirit around them and later Solaris' consciousness.

After Solaris was erased from existence, it is unknown if Elise has retained any of her supernatural powers. Relationships Sonic the Hedgehog Elise and Sonic laughing together. Elise's most prominent relationship is with Sonic. She forms a close friendship to him, which progresses to her developing romantic feelings for him.

Mephiles uses this as an advantage, and kills Sonic, making Elise cry and freeing Iblis. She theorizes that by putting out the flame now, Solaris will have never existed, which will make it so that she will never have met Sonic in this adventure. Elise nearly breaks down and declares that she does not care what happens to the world, but Sonic simply reminds her to smile, convincing her to be brave and blow out the Flames of Disaster.

This event instantly results in a time reboot. At the end of the game, Sonic watches the Festival of the Sun in the distance as Elise senses something familiar about his presence. Amy Rose Elise is also close friends with Amy Rose. Amy rescues her from Eggman's base then escorts and saves her from the robots that are chasing her, and they become friends.

Amy gives Elise some advice on love and tells her that she has a good chance with Sonic though she doesn't know that the guy that Elise has feelings for is Sonicsaying, "You're a Princess and you're super-cute. This guy's the lucky one. Silver the Hedgehog Elise also met Silver the Hedgehog when he traveled to the past to investigate the Solaris Project. Silver watched how Solaris was separated into Mephiles and Iblis, and was also the only witness of the Duke of Soleanna, Elise's father, sealing Iblis into her body.

Silver promises to the dying Duke that he would take his daughter to a safer place. Silver then returned to the present, but not before giving Elise the blue Chaos Emerald he had, telling her to keep it as a lucky charm. While their interaction in the present day is brief, it is still important, as it is through Silver's words that Elise is convinced to use the Chaos Emeralds to bring Sonic back to life.

In other media Main article: Princess Elise Archie In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comicsmuch like in the game, Princess Elise is the ruler of Soleanna, a settlement for humans and Overlandersthough she has yet to appear in the comics in person. Ten years prior to the current storyline, Elise had Iblis sealed inside her. Following Solaris' defeat, Elise and a revived Sonic went back in time, and the princess ensured that Solaris never came to exist.

Quotes "We give thanks for the blessed flames. May we always continue to have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light It is told that Solaris's rage would destroy the world. His wrath comes in the form of the Flames of Disaster. Everyone in the castle, the children, all my citizens really But it felt so No, you're just being silly. It's not an inappropriate relationship. Let's just say Sonic and Princess Elise have an attraction for each other.

This may be due to the fact that Elise, at 17 years old, is not of age in her culture yet and therefore unable to receive the title of queen yet. They learn that Mephiles seeks to bond with Iblis, as they are the two halves of Soleanna's omnipotent god, Solaris. Mephiles succeeds, but Sonic, Shadow, and Silver use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into their super forms and defeat Solaris. Among the ideas the team was considering was a game with a realistic tone and an advanced physics engine.

Sega reassigned the team to start working on a new game in the bestselling Sonic series. Sonic Team decided to retain the realistic approach for the Sonic game. Naka noted the success of superhero films such as Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins —which reached an audience far beyond fans of the comics those films were based on—and wanted to mimic this success.

Sonic was made taller, with longer quills, and Eggman was made slimmer and given a more realistic appearance.

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The first design concept for Silver's character was an orange mink; he attained his final hedgehog look after over 50 design iterations. Shadow's gameplay was further fleshed out with the addition of vehicles; each vehicle uses its own physical engine. Animation supervisor Leo Santos said Blur faced challenges animating the opening scene due to the placement of Sonic's mouth. Sega believed porting the game to Wii would take too long, and so conceived a Sonic game that would use the motion detection function of its controller.