Star trek 2009 kirk and bones meet

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star trek 2009 kirk and bones meet

Putting Shatner into Star Trek () . Bones leans in to Sulu, rolling his eyes: BONES Same ship, different day. As Kirk rejoins his crew for hugs . To be honest, when the 2 Spocks met at the end I was hoping for a mind. James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. Kirk first appears in McCoy is someone to whom Kirk unburdens himself and is a foil to Spock. The film Star Trek introduces an alternative timeline that reveals different origins for Kirk, the formation of his association with Spock, and how. Star Trek is a American space opera film directed by J. J. Abrams and written by Roberto . McCoy and Kirk board Pike's ship, the Enterprise. Reaching a Starfleet outpost on Delta Vega, Kirk and the elder Spock meet Montgomery Scott.

Impossible III writers Orci and Kurtzman for ideas on the new film, and after the film had completed shooting she asked their director, Abrams, to produce it. Nemesis because he felt the franchise had "disconnected" from the original series.

star trek 2009 kirk and bones meet

He also acknowledged that as a child he had actually preferred the Star Wars movies. I didn't love Kirk and Spock when I began this journey — but I love them now. Kirk and Spock are opposites from two worlds. That's us in a nutshell. We're drawn to each by what each of us lacks. The story of this film is about two guys who are such opposites that they might end up strangling each other but instead they bond and thrive together.

We can go warp speed together. The Next Generation set in Kirk's service on Farragut, a major backstory point to the original episode " Obsession ", was left out because it was deemed irrelevant to the story of Kirk meeting Spock, although Orci felt nothing in his script precluded it from the new film's backstory.

The Wrath of Khan as a child, but it was dropped because the film needed more time to introduce the core characters. The line was difficult to write and was ultimately cut out.

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Orci had sent the fan art to Abrams to show how realistic the film could be. Abrams' grandfather, as well as the physicist and engineer Lord Kelvin William Thomson. Orci theorized the fictional character was born in Cuba and grew up in the Middle East. Abrams created the fictitious drink for Alias and it reappeared in viral marketing for Cloverfield.

Its owner, Tagruato, is also from Cloverfield and appears on a building in San Francisco. Thus the production design had to be consistent with the television series but also feel more advanced than the real world technology developed after it. That must go if it's going to be something that you believe is real.

Another prop recreated for the film was the tricorder. Bobbitt brought the original prop to the set, but the actors found it too large to carry when filming action scenes, so technical advisor Doug Brody redesigned it to be smaller.

The viewscreen was made into a window that could have images projected on it to make the space environment palpable. Abrams compared the redesign to the sleek modernist work of Pierre Cardin and the sets from A Space Odysseywhich were from the s. At the director's behest, more railings were added to the bridge to make it look safer, [68] and the set was built on gimbals so its rocking motions when the ship accelerates and is attacked was more realistic.

For the Starfleet uniformsKaplan followed the show's original color-coding, with dark gray almost black undershirts and pants and colored overshirts showing each crew member's position. Command officers wear gold shirts, science and medical officers wear blue, and operations technicians, engineers, and security personnel wear red.

Kaplan wanted the shirts to be more sophisticated than the originals and selected to have the Starfleet symbol patterned on them.

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But how do you make legitimate those near-primary color costumes? Their ship, Narada, is purely practical with visible mechanics as it is a "working ship", unlike the Enterprise crew who give a respectable presentation on behalf of the Federation.

Kirk was granted a field commission as an ensign and posted to advanced training aboard the USS Republic. He was then promoted to lieutenant junior grade and returned to Starfleet Academy as a student instructor. He received his first command, a spaceship roughly equivalent to a destroyerwhile still quite young.

Erdman and Paula M.

star trek 2009 kirk and bones meet

Block, in their Star Trek primernote that while "cunning, courageous and confident", Kirk also has a "tendency to ignore Starfleet regulations when he feels the end justifies the means"; he is "the quintessential officer, a man among men and a hero for the ages". Spock whose opinions Kirk has learned to value so highly.

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The movie introduces Kirk's son, David Marcus. Spock, who notes that "commanding a starship is [Kirk's] first, best destiny", dies at the end of Star Trek II.

star trek 2009 kirk and bones meet

The Search for SpockAdmiral Kirk leads his surviving officers in a successful mission to rescue Spock from a planet on which he is reborn. In Star Trek GenerationsCaptain Jean-Luc Picard finds Kirk living in the timeless Nexus, despite the fact that history recorded his death during the Enterprise-B 's maiden voyage, Kirk having fallen into the Nexus in the incident that caused his "death". Although Kirk initially refuses the offer, he agrees after realizing the Nexus cannot give him the one thing he has always sought: The two leave the Nexus and stop Soran.

However, Kirk is mortally wounded; as he dies, Picard assures him that he helped to "make a difference". Picard buries Kirk on the planet. Film franchise reboot[ edit ] Main article: The film Star Trek introduces an alternative timeline that reveals different origins for Kirk, the formation of his association with Spock, and how they came to serve together on the Enterprise. Although the film treats specific details from Star Trek as mutable, characterizations are meant to "remain the same".

Forester 's Horatio Hornblower hero, [25] and NBC wanted the show to emphasize the captain's "rugged individualism".