Three of cups reversed relationship

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three of cups reversed relationship

Reversed Three of Cups is one of the most negative tarot cards, for it represents third person in the relationship or your partner being unstable with you. The Three of Cups portrays the famous Three Graces from Greek mythology. The Graces are goddesses of charisma. It was said wherever they. In the Three of Cups, three young women are dancing with each other in a circle, . When it comes to relationship readings, the reversed Three of Cups can.

Interpretations Three of Cups tarot card is all about fulfillment taking place in physical state. For relationship situations, this can mean great moments being felt by the lovers. Apparently, Three of Cups can signify a new development in the relationship.

Did you two work towards any certain goals? If yes, then the tarot card says that you would definitely reach them. Now this can actually be either positive or negative. For instance, if you have planned on marrying in the future then this is what you are going to get. If you want this relationship to develop into something more meaningful and enduring, you will need to develop a deeper connection with one another.

Talk to a love and relationship psychic for insights and clarity about your specific situation. Affected by Stress Physical and mental health often go hand in hand. When your life is being impacted by the lack of harmony that the Two of Cups reversed card brings, it is not uncommon to find your physical health suffering as well.

Disharmony leads to feelings of stress and tension, which is associated with several health concerns, such as migraines, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and more. When you correct the disharmony in your life, you will likely see a big improvements in how you feel overall as well. Get a chakra reading on Keen to learn more about cleansing your chakra and re-balancing your energy. Bad Business In the context of a work related tarot card reading, the reversed Two of Cups likely signifies a workplace relationship gone wrong.

This could be in reference to your co-worker, business partner, or boss.

3 of cups reversed - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

Instead of working together, lately all you seem to be doing is having conflicts due to your goals no longer being aligned. You have lost respect for one another, which can make for a highly unpleasant situation for everyone involved.

Take time to reflect upon ways to repair your business partnership or assess whether it may be a sign that it is time for you to part ways.

Too Emotionally Invested The reversed Two of Cups could be reminding you of the necessity of controlling your emotions. You connect deeply with the struggles of those around you.

Being able to empathize is a wonderful thing, but you must be careful not to become overly attached. When you become too deeply invested in the struggles of those around you, it can really weigh you down, destroying the balance and harmony in your own life.

You might be fed up being the bridesmaid all the time and never the bride. You may feel you get invited nowhere. There may be gossip or scandal circulating about you from people you would have thought better of. There may be cliques and groups that you feel left out of.

3 of Cups as sexual experimentation

This may be on your part, or a deliberate attempt by others to exclude you. Rather than being happy for your success, this group of women may toast you but be green with envy behind it all. Cattiness may abound or there may be an enemy disguised as a friend.

The Three of Pentacles as Feelings in a Love Reading

You are possibly being very naive about those who appear close to you. Can you trust your friends? The constant rounds of parties and socialising may have left you feeling exhausted and disillusioned so action must be taken.

Shock, tears and great unhappiness may be evident. This is bound to cause a great scandal among friends and family. There could be inappropriate behaviour at a wedding. It may be enough to cause a huge rift between the newly weds. The break-up may not be straight forward either. It may even be your best friend. Beware the woman dressed in red. She will be ruthless in getting what she wants. She may be after your partner or indeed already involved with him.

three of cups reversed relationship

She may be an interfering mother, sister or friend out to cause trouble or break you up. She may very well be hiding her true motives.

This woman may have a hidden agenda.

Two of Cups Reversed Tarot Card

On the other hand, it may be you who is the scarlet woman. Promiscuity and affairs accompany this reversed Cup card.

Too much drinking and over-indulging may be causing problems and lack of support in your relationship when the Three of Cups reverses.

three of cups reversed relationship

Termination or miscarriage can be represented by this reversed Three. You must look to surrounding cards for further evidence. In relation to careers, a team may not be working together as they choose to work against each other to serve their own purpose.

A position with no growth potential or prospects for promotion.