Yuvraj malhotra relationship with twinkle bajpai

‘I will never forgive them’

yuvraj malhotra relationship with twinkle bajpai

What' happening with your co-star Yuvraj Malhotra? I don't want to talk In "Ekta Kapoor". Twinkle Bajpai in Reality WorldIn "Twinkle Bajpai". Yuvraj Malhotra admits affair with Twinkle Bajpai Both of us are very open and serious about our relationship," divulges Yuvraj. So who. Twinkle (singer) Lynn Annette Ripley[1] (15 July – 21 May Indian movie actress Twinkle Bajpai, female contestant in the reality . The story revolves around the lives of Twinkle and Yuvraj, and their relationship of love, hatred, He goes to Mr. Malhotra's office and convinces him to grant him a job.

But 'Betiyaan' is his first step towards the world of acting and he is very happy about the fact that he is acting with such a popular star cast. In this soap he is not at all fond of his father and does not have the support of his mother as well because she has been put behind the bars after being falsely accused of murder. He is taken care of by his sister and aunt and in the due course of time he turns into a negative character.

The darkest side of love

He is also shown after the generation leap. The small screen viewers were really surprised by the acting potential of this young actor at such a tender stage. Day by day his character of Karan in 'Betiyaan', which is also showing negative traits, is even gaining much popularity with the telly viewers.

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  • ‘I will never forgive them’
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On the personal front however he is a very happy and contented soul as he is sharing an intimate bond with his co-star Twinkle Bajpai who plays the role of the female protagonist Lakshmi in 'Betiyaan'. But as of now their main focus is into their career. They are also very serious about their relationship and want their relationship to culminate into marriage.

yuvraj malhotra relationship with twinkle bajpai

It is hoped that this actor will go a long way in his professional as well as personal life. However the actor himself is also very much sure that his career will gain soaring heights in the impending times. Suryakant Garodia is married to Savitri.

yuvraj malhotra relationship with twinkle bajpai

They have four daughters: Saraswati, Gauri, Durga and Lakshmi. Owing to medical problems, Savitri can't have anymore children.

yuvraj malhotra relationship with twinkle bajpai

Wanting a male child, Suryakant marries Menka who gives him Yuvraj. Suryakant pays lesser attention to Savitri and her daughters, and spends more time with Menka.

The darkest side of love

He over pampers Yuvraj who starts abusing Suryakant's trust in him. Later on, Menka's brother Rasik tells her to get all the daughters married so that only her would rule the house.

yuvraj malhotra relationship with twinkle bajpai

Menka tricks Suryakant into getting Saraswati married to a tyrant, Bhavishya Kapadia. Their wedding process undergoes a lot of troubles and problems, especially when Yuvraj steals and sells Saraswati's wedding jewelry, causing Suryakant to send her to her in-laws without jewelry but Savitri's sister Chanchal stops him from doing so by threatening to give Saraswati her jewelry.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann

In the meantime, Lakshmi falls in love with Satyakaam, Bhavishya's younger brother who is a good man. Menka instigates Suryakant against Satyakaam and Suryakant tries to get Lakshmi engaged to Chatainyan, who is the son of a business partner. At the same time, Yuvraj goes to a brothel and meets a courtesan called Kajri, of whom he tries to marry.

yuvraj malhotra relationship with twinkle bajpai

Yuvraj's family are totally deceived by their pretence and grant the marriage. Saraswati discovers that Bhavishya was once in love with a girl called Preeti and he had strangled her a year ago when she refused to marry him. He now visits her remains in a red isolated cottage. Bhavishya tries to burn Saraswati alive but her ex-lover, Kshitij rescues her.

Suryakant files a case against Bhavishya in order to have him severely punished.

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Bhavishya discovers that "Pavitra" is actually a prostitute in disguise. He blackmails Yuvraj into helping him win the case. Yuvraj tells Kshitij not to testify against Bhavishya as his affair with Saraswati before the marriage would be revealed. Kshitij testifies in Bhavishya's favour and says that he tried to burn Saraswati.

Thus, Bhavishya wins the case.

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The sisters, not satisfied, wish to get justice for Saraswati, so Lakshmi pretends to marry Satyakaam, making Chatainyan and family break ties with the Garodia family.